Battle of the Bay II

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Brian Jackson
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So I ran a tester version of the MLD format this past weekend in San Francisco.

We had 16 players, and the entry was $75. 95% payout. $1,140 purse

We played in 4 groups of 4 and had 4 seeded players: Chris White, Ron Colvard, Andrew Bennett, and Shannon Cullen based on the North American DBB rankings. See the 'Rankings' page for more info.

Andrew Bennett 6-5 over Ron Colvard in the finals
Brian Jackson and Lor Thao got Top 4
Brenda Roush, Hayden Burke, Joe Custer, and Tin Cherven got Top 8
Shannon Cullen won the Consolation bracket.

More detailed results here:

Overall a decent event. Need to tweak a few things, but it flowed fairly well.

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