MLD Local: Women of the West

MLD "Local" Women of the West
March 19, 2011
$1,125* Purse
Limited Field: maximum of 25 players
Entry fee: $50, pre-register online at
- onsite registration fee is $60 pending available slots
Entry Deadline: Sunday March 12th @ 12 midnight
Location/Venue: Beefy's Cabin, 693 Grape Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 408-736-7141
Start Time: 12:00pm Mandatory Player's Meeting: 11:30am

Women Only!!!


MLD Local: Battle of the Bay #1

Major League Darts: MLD "local: Battle of the Bay #1
Limited Fields: Maximum of 40 players
$50 entry fee
Seeded Round Robin. 501 Singles
Top 2 -> Best of 11 knockout. Rest in best of 5 Consolation.
90% payout

Major League Darts Products

The MLD patches are in and we're in the process of creating a store for the patches along with shirts and other products.

Where does the 10% or 15% go?

Good question. In a nutshell: things cost money, and people are spending a lot of time organizing and setting things up to host these events.

For Local events, half goes to the local tournament organizer/director: posters, their time, and other costs... or how ever they decide to break it down (Shirt for the winner, plaque/Trophies etc) and the other half to MLD: which pays for, paypal and credit card fees, web hosting, domain names, banners, use of logo, Tournament Computer Program, etc.

MLD "Local" Maritime Masters

MLD "Local" Maritime Masters
April 30, 2011**
Limited Field: maximum of 48 players
Entry fee: $50, pre-register online at
- onsite registration fee is $60 pending available slots
Entry Deadline: Sunday April 24th @ 12 midnight
Location/Venue: Club Du Village - Cocagne, New Brunswick
Start Time: 10:00am (please check in by 9:30am)

MLD Local: Bayou City Classic

MLD Local: Bayou City Classic
Saturday April 23, 2011
Molly Maguires, 15945 Kuykendahl Rd, Houston TX, ( 281) 580-6167

Limited Fields: Maximum of 48 players
$50 entry fee
90% payout

- 1-day tournament (steel tip), long format, open to men and women
- 501 Singles, open in / double out
- Round Robin: Field divided into round robin groups, format will be 5 legs or 7 legs
depending on group size, all legs played (i.e. not ‘best of’)
- Round Robin top 2 advance to Main Event
- Remaining players advance to Consolation Event
- Main Event: ‘best of 11’ legs, single elimination, knockout bracket
- Consolation: ‘best of 5’ legs, single elimination, knockout bracket
- Round Robin groups and knockout brackets are seeded based upon player rankings
in Darts Database:

MLD "local" payouts, what are they?

The payout structure for a MLD "local" event is similar to the MLD Tour Stop payouts except the entry fee is less and the number of players is less.

Everything is percentage based. 90% payout is guaranteed, so it scales with the number of participants.

In a nutshell: Consolation winner gets their entry fee back or last paid spot

Payout comparison with typical $20-25k tournaments

The following table shows the payout comparison with the 8 $20,000-$25,000 tournaments held in 2010 to a 1-day Singles events at an MLD Local that you can host. These are the actual numbers extracted from the results and from the tournament flyers. The numbers are from the 'Mens 501 Singles' results and payouts.

The comparison of the existing tournaments with a full field MLD Local event of the same size.

Average US MLD Local

$20-$25k (full field)

Minimum number of guaranteed legs 2 23
players134 56
purse $2,199 $2,529
entry fee $22 $50
Winner $613 $500
2nd $314 $300
Semis $161 $195
Last 8 $81 $130
last 16 $48 $90
Last 32 $24 n/a

Winner n/a $90
% of entry fees paid out 82% 90%
% of field paid 24% 32%+

What is Major League Darts?

Major League Darts (MLD) is a new pro dart tour across the US and Canada with the goal to "Create the next North American World Darts Champion".

Play the best players in the US and Canada in fewer events each weekend, get more legs in, and earn more money.

When is MLD coming to my city?

We love that people are asking this question and want to see a Major League Darts (MLD) Tour Stop come to their area. There is a 3 year rollout plan that has been created to allow a balance of events in the various parts of the countries. MLD is designed as a travel tour and people need to come out of their comfort areas to make it work. We're expecting only 30% participation from the local players, the rest would be from around the countries.

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