What about Chalkers?

Chalkers or Scorers or Markers, whichever term you use are assigned in all Major League Darts events.

No one likes to chalk, but everyone like to complain when they don't have a chalker.

The Round Robin phase of events all have a match order and an assigned chalker for each match.
The knockout phase of events will see the loser of the previous match on that board act as the chalker. The first match in the knockout phase will also have a chalker assigned based on the way the bracket is drawn.

  • Chalking is a requirement of all players
  • All players are assigned to chalk multiple matches throughout the tournament
  • An assigned chalker is responsible for providing a substitute chalker if they are unable to chalk a match
  • Failure to chalk a match or failure to provide a substitute chalker may result in forfeiture from the remaining matches and subsequent events for that day with no refund, along with a non-distribution of any prize money earned.
  • Multiple forfeitures for failure to chalk, or failure to provide a substitute chalker, may result in a ban from future MLD events for a period of 1 year from the date of the last forfeiture