North American Championships entry discounts

Congratulations to the following players who have earned a FREE ($150) entry into the 2012 MLD North American Championships

Open Ladies Under 21
Howard Meyers (1)
Alex Taber (1)
Mike Brewer (3)
Linn Barnes (3)
Earl Dunkleberger (5)
Brad Eckenrode (5)
Ryan Barnette (6)
Mike Elderbroom (6)
Larry Butler (7)
Nick Linberg (7)
George Timpone (8)
Jim Widmayer (8)
Tom Sawyer (9)
Dave Walsh (9)
Jeff Smith (10)
Terry Fougere (10)
Andre Carman (11)
Guy Connelly (11)
Anthony Smith (13)
Darin Young (WC)
Paul Burns (WC)
T.J. DeArmas (WC)
Rich Hammond (WC)
Brandon Rogers (WC)
Ross Snook (WC)
CaroleJo Whitted (1)
Sandy Hudson (6)
Julie Scheppele (6)
Heidi Channel (6)
Emily Taggart (8)
Nicole Dalbo (8)
Madison Mauger (10)
Trish Grzesik (11)
Lora Josey (WC)
Suzana Kovach (WC)
Bette Cunningham (WC)
Jeremy Miller (10)
Madison Mauger (10)
Dawson Murschell (WC)
Matt Sagen (WC)

The following players have earned the Top Flight entry discount ($50) for finishing #3-5 in their MLD region. MLD winner not already on this list or who earned a FREE entry also qualify. Entry fee will be $100

Gary Cornellier (1)
Joey Burt (1)
Bryan Ingram (1)
John Ankeney (3)
Jeff Brayfield (3)
Ryan Mooneyham (3)
Chuck Pankow (5)
Todd Bunch (5)
John Montford (5)
Robbie Phillips (6)
John Liggett (6)
Fred Copeland (6)
Drew Matlock (7)
Ben Beltz (7)
Ben Minks (7)
Ryan Vander Weit (8)
Bob Garzone (8)
Jim Newman (8)
George Kelley (9)
Billy Smith (9)
Scott Tracy (10)
Rodney Conner (10)
Stephen Bradley (10)
Pete Sawatzky (11)
Glenn Fraser (11)
Scott Jacques (11)
MLD Open Winners
Chris White
Andrew Bennett
Ron Colvard
Dieter Schutsch
Gary French
Nico Depaynos
Lor Thao
Terry Hayhurst
Dion Laviolette
Donny Joe
John Beard
Jake Schreiber
Patrick Kithi
Greg Fields
Connley Litton
Danny Baggish
Joe Huffman
Davo Mahaffey
Brian Blake
Jeremy Miller
Mickey Eldridge
Pat Hewitt
MLD Ladies Winners
Gretal Flores
Shonna Baggish
B.J. Minnie
Mandy Lindsey
Jackie Clarke
Ardy Albert
Candi Ellis
Sandy Smith
Shannon Fry

Anyone who participated in an MLD event between 15 Sep 2011 - 30 Sep 2012 or an MLD Affiliate Tour event (DPNY, PDCNA) in 2012 qualifies for a participant discount of $25. Entry fee will be $125. Thank you for participating. There were 779 different players that participated in MLD and MLD affiliate tour events!!!!